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At the core of bicycling is the simple and joyful act of balancing on two wheels. The physics of how a human being and a two-wheeled machine work together to find a balancing point is exceedingly complicated but the sensation is somehow natural, intuitive and enjoyable. Lazily weaving between the dotted lines along the bike path will bring you right back to that core feeling. We keep that feeling in mind for every bike we design. Rather than burying the magic of riding under excessive technology and performance demands, we try to enhance the rider’s experience by making bikes that are enjoyable to ride. Our high-end road bikes use the latest technology to enhance ride-quality. Our least expensive cruisers are made to bring out the fun of riding rather than simply masquerading as a watered down racing bike.

We have a handful of new models this year along with carefully selected upgrades to our existing bikes. We hope you’ll check out our bikes and see if there is one that’s right for you. Most of all we hope you get out and ride!

2018 Express

The Express is a new model for 2018. A fast machine for urban riding, commuting and fun. Don’t overthink or over-complicate the bicycle, just hop on an Express and ride.

2018 Taj

“Let’s marry together all the proven, durable, simplicity that is a BMX bike with a frame size that you can actually sit down and pedal. Think of it as a bulletproof, easy-to-use cruiser that can also handle some real BMX action.” -Taj Mihelich

2018 Flyer

The Flyer is a simple bike.  That’s a good thing.

We kept the Flyer user-friendly and ultra-durable. Its proven 7-speed drive train is built to keep its wheels moving. 2.2” wide Continental tires soak up the bumps and keep the ride comfortable. The Flyer will remind you that just balancing on two wheels can feel magical.

2018 Daybird

The Daybird is our tribute to the classic, steel-framed, 3-speed bike.

It’s inspired by the popular bikes of the 1960’s, but loaded up with modern refinements.  On the classic side you’ll find Sturmey Archer 3-speed hub combined with a durable and intuitive aluminum thumb shifter. On the modern side you’ll find an 1-1/8” threadless headset and lightweight aluminum 3-piece cranks.

2018 Lookfar

The Lookfar makes cruising and commuting easy.

One simple trigger shifter changes the gears up-or-down through all 7-speeds. The bike’s 42mm wide Continental tires feel fast on smooth ground while still confidently handling rough terrain. It comes equipped with rack and fender mounts for lots of useful set-up options. It also shares similar proven geometry as our ever-popular Weekender model.

2018 Lookfar Drop

The Lookfar Drop is our new entry level gravel bike for 2018.

Building on the popular and practical Lookfar, the Drop version adds the multiple riding position comfort of drop bars. Get in the drops when you are knocking out miles or chill on the brake hoods the leisurely neighborhood cruises.

2018 Weekender Archer

One of the first Fairdales that we ever made was the Weekender.

We envisioned a "light-tourer" that would work as a weekday commuter and a weekend getaway machine. Over the years we have refined the Weekender, but its focus has stayed the same. The riding position is comfortable for the long haul or an evening ride.

Weekender Nomad

New for 2018, the Nomad version of the Weekender is made to travel.

While it can easily handle being a weekday commuter on rough city roads, it really shines when you take it for a long haul.  The Weekender Nomad’s 100% 4130 chromoly frame and fork will welcome virtually anything that you can throw it. This is our top of the line Weekender, and it comes equipped with an amazing parts build, like a SRAM Rival 1x derailleur and shifter, Avid disc brakes, FSA cranks and Maxxis Rambler semi-knobby tires.


The Goodship is Fairdale’s top-of-the-line steel road bike. We set out to design a bike with race-inspired geometry that still retained Fairdale sensibilities. The bike is a mix of some tried and true technologies that have been paired up with some of the most modern manufacturing techniques and resources available.

One of the things we are most excited about is that the frame will be made using our seamless, Japanese, Drawnright tubeset. It’s a unique opportunity to have complete control over the butting, shape and size of each tube. Every Drawnright tubeset is also heat-treated to precise tolerances to further improve their strength and ride quality. The end result is a completely custom, high-quality 4130 chromoly tubeset that is specific to each size of the frame.

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